Carbon fiber heating wire made in Ukraine

Tescabo produces carbon fiber heating wire. It is used for the following purposes:

  • underfloor heating
  • wall heating
  • roof heating
  • roof drainage system heating
  • water pipes heating
  • gas pipes heating
  • hen house heating
  • doghouse heating
  • greenhouse heating
  • ceramic heaters production
  • heating of any other surfaces and objects

Tescabo carbon heating cable provides the following advantages:

  • good reasonable price
  • operates within the range of ambient temperatures from -60°C to +250°C
  • maximum heating temperature is 250°C
  • maximum voltage it withstands is 4000 Volts
  • gets warm in seconds
  • can operate at any voltage
  • saves electric energy
  • carbon fiber thread does not deteriorate with time
  • carbon fiber thread does not burn
  • carbon fiber thread is srtong and hard to tear

We are interested in cooperation with companies from all countries around the world. We can export carbon fiber heating cable from Ukraine. Our production facilities allow to produce 400 kilometers of wire per month to fulfill foreign customers’ orders.

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Tescabo carbon hating wire is used for heating floors, roofs, walls and more!

Tescabo is based in Ukraine, Kharkiv — the second largest city in Ukraine which is considered an industrial capital. Carbon wire is becoming more popular every year due to its simplicity and efficiency. It is widely used for underfloor heating in Ukraine, Russia and other counties of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Warm floor provides comfort at home and serves as an additional source of heating.

Components of the undefloor heating system on the basis of Tescabo cable are connected according to parallel principle. It is recommended to use 10 meter long pieces of cable with 33 Om/meter resistance to acheive the temperature equal to 60-70 degrees Celcius (140-160 degrees Fahrenheit).

We produce several types of heating cables which have different resistance. Starting from 9.5 Om/meter and finishing with 400 Om/meter. Why do we need different resistance? Because the lower the resistance the shorter piece of cable is used to get high temperature. Take a look at this picture:

Different types of Tescabo cable generate different temperatures depending on length of piece

So, as we can see, a 3 meter piece of Tescabo carbon cable with 400 Om/meter resistance can gerenate the same temperature as a 19 meter piece of cable with 9.5 Om/meter resistance. If we change the length of any piece, the temperature level will either get higher of lower. The shorter the piece of cable, the hotter it gets. The longer the piece of cable, the less hot it gets. In oder to select the correct type of cable that would meet your needs you can use our calculator or contact us by phone +380975343344 (Whats app) or send us an e-mail to

How is Tescabo carbon heating wire connected to electricity?

Once the correct length of cable pieces is identified Tescabo cable should be connected to electricity. It is carried out by using clamping sleeves which are made of copper and look like this:

Clamping sleeves for Tescabo cable

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